Saturday, May 02, 2009

I am off to Santiago de Compostela tomorrow for a much-needed break before I start work.

Yes! You read right. I'm re-entering gainful employment, not too long after having left it, which is a nice touch. I'm moving into a different industry albeit still in the same function, and am very much hoping that this is the right move for me. It's not the role I'd been focussing on finding since I obtained the CFA qualification, but the dynamic nature of the company, and the potential plethora of opportunities to get involved in building something of worth at relatively low risk to my future career (in that I will no doubt be able to find work with a good employer after this, not necessarily in the field I thought I wanted to move into) were too good to pass up.

The parties seem to be good too. I was invited to join their birthday celebration earlier this week which involved team-building activities (I got to ride a hovercraft and fire guns, what fun!) during the day and a vodka fountain (!) late at night, and managed to acquit myself honourably apparently (I managed to steer the hovercraft in spite of my light weight, I killed members of the opposing team, and I had two shots).

I really hope this turns out to be everything I saw in it.

In the meantime, I've booked myself meals at two good restaurants in SdC (Michelin-starred Casa Marcelo and O Dezaseis) and am looking forward to a breakfast of chocolate con churros and taking loads of photographs of old buildings and landscape. I also want to get a tan to look good on my first day of work. Hee!

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