Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A truly vintage Sunday. I didn't realise that Marks & Spencers 125th anniversary extended to more than just digging out old clothing designs, but also to the food stuff they used to sell oh-so-many years ago. I was very tickled by the vintage labelling as I walked past my closest M&S and couldn't resist taking a photo.

Marks & Spencer 125th anniversary store display - aren't the retro colours and patterns just so pretty?

Earlier that day, I'd gone a little vintage crazy in Brick Lane. I'd popped over to my current favourite vintage store (The Brick Lane Thrift Store on Sclater Street) but wasn't able to find anything. On my way back, I popped into Vintage Heaven (184-186 Brick Lane) where I found a little black dress - most likely from the '80s - by Scott McClintock (son of Jessica McClintock) and a pair of shoes which matched the dress perfectly for just £40. I'd been in an LBD-hunting mood for quite some time (Hah! Which girl isn't ever in that mood?) so this was something I couldn't quite resist.

Vintage strappy black heels (£10)

Then I proceeded to do further damage to my wallet by walking through the Sunday Upmarket. I can't remember why I did that although I think something was going on at the Truman Brewery so I thought it'd be easier to get past by going through the market instead.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I managed to walk past a stall which was just setting up even though it was 4 pm. The American lady stallholder, as it turns out, was a bit of a late-starter (so she said). And she was having a bit of a crazy sale on all of the vintage costume jewellery on display. The pieces which were normally going for £10 each were now two for £10. And the more you bought, the better it got. In the end, I walked off with four pieces for £17 and an extra piece thrown in for free.

L to R: vintage gold bracelet from the '50s, vintage floral bracelet, scarf pin, '70s gold floral necklace and '60s gold/silver necklace and earring set.

It turned out to be a timely purchase, for now, I had something - or rather, two somethings - to brighten up my outfit to meet CG who had returned from his overseas trip. But that is a story for another day.

As for the costume jewellery seller? Well, she'll be at the Sunday Upmarket every other Sunday. She also sells beautiful vintage watches, which was why I stopped at her stall in the first place. She's already admitted that her prices won't be that good all the time, so I'd urge anyone who likes costume jewellery - and that's me to a T - to get down there ASAP. If you're not sure as to whether you're at the correct stall, just check to see if the lady's from New York and taking a gemology course in London. If she says yes to both, that's your lady.

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