Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's crazy how badly the City can get to you sometimes. Today, every single newspaper - particularly the London publications - had a story on the suicide of a young man who appeared to have it all. There was speculation that he was very worried about losing his job and that's why he jumped.

For me, this hit very close to home, not because of what I'd been through, but because the young man in question lived in my building.

There're a lot of people out there who would go, "it's just a job, it's nothing to kill yourself over," it's way more than that to the young people working in such an intense profession. It's a lifestyle, it's how you define yourself.

It's what you are.

And you're surrounded by people who are almost exactly the same as you are: incredibly driven, and very consumed by their careers.

When I was told my position would be put 'at risk' in December, I was devastated. And, yes, I cried, and more than once. This was a job and a company which I'd given three years of my life to, and a company which, till now, I still respect and admire. And, in spite of everything I'd achieved, and the shock on the part of all of my colleagues - which, clearly, now means something i.e. I didn't suck at my job - there were times I still felt like a failure. I still feel like that every now and then, having decided to embark on a different path than the one I was previously on, and feeling very uncertain about it.

That being said, it's such a waste for someone to end their life just because that happened. I mean, I had far more reason when MD sprang his news that he wanted us to break up in January. But, obviously, I'm still here. In fact, I never even felt close to packing it all in, so to speak.

I can only assume that there were other issues here that no one knew about, whether they be internal or external.

It's so sad that things ended the way they did. It's always possible to bounce back, no matter how dark things look. Always.

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