Saturday, November 07, 2009

I became my day with my maiden Power Plate session (perfect for someone who does a fair amount of cardio but comparatively little weights and toning exercises). The lovely trainer assured me I'd ache like hell tomorrow, but seeing as that would only happen tomorrow, I ought not to worry about the fact that I had a four hour swing dance workshop coming up later in the day. The Power Plate session was as intense as every article on it leads you to believe. I thought my teeth would fall out at one point, and let's just say that sitting on it makes one feel very strange (no, not in a good way).

Then it was off to Borough Market to confirm that Monmouth Coffee's stall at the market itself is no longer there, though the store still exists. Much to my joy - though I got in line for a Monmouth cappuccino anyway (note to self: must remember they only use whole milk) - I found a little stall next to Cafe Brood which sells Union coffee (also used by Taylor St Baristas, LJ Coffee House and Artisan Coffee Company, all of whose coffee I'd recommend). I'll have to check it out the next time I'm there. Borough Market, it must be noted, is not the best place to go when you're vegetarian, which I was today, in order to make up for my going to Byron for a proper burger yesterday.

After that, four hours of swing dancing as taught by Kieran Yee of Swing Patrol. All in all, all four workshops ("Ooze more groove", "Fast dancing", "Solo charleston moves" and "Dips and tricks") were great, though parts of it reinforced what I didn't like about getting back into social dancing. For instance, Swing Patrol's swing-outs are different from the swing-outs I was taught to do. At least, I think they are. Could be I'm just constantly repeating the same mistake over and over again. I don't know. It's just hard when I keep thinking, surely I was better than this last time around? And if I wasn't, then why bother?

And after all of that, I somehow mustered the strength to go catch the fireworks in a part of London I hadn't been before, and decided to brave it anyway. And I'm glad I did. I really love fireworks, and while watching them tonight, I just thought to myself, this is the best year ever. Yes, I've been through a fair amount of grief, and, yes, I'm still just as insecure and full of doubt as I've ever been. I don't mention this simply because I'd like to remind people that 2009 began on a really bad note for me, but just that I look back at that and marvel at how I've managed to recover.

As I said, I've survived. I've found happiness in just being by myself and pushing myself as best as I can to get out there and experience as much as I can (Hip Hop Karaoke and fireworks being two cases in point). I've grown... and I'm still finding moments of intense joy in my life rather unexpectedly.

And given the vast room for improvement that exists in my life, that just means the forthcoming years will be ever better!

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