Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Somewhat belated but still relevant - my list of goals for 2010, aka things to do before I turn 30:
  1. Be more confident and assertive. Develop a "what's the worst that could happen?" mentality and act on that, rather than be too scared or nervous as to what others think. 
  2. Learn how to drive. I have never taken a single lesson ever, and I'm kind of at the stage where the idea of driving terrifies me... and the idea of learning how to drive in London? Even scarier! Still, I've always maintained that I'm a fantastic driver in my dreams. Seriously. If you want the best getaway driver in town, I'm your woman.
  3. Be more active and do four cardio activities per week. Getting down to a nice weight which will remain unpublished would be good too.
  4. Achieve greater job satisfaction through moving to a role which challenges me sufficiently.
  5. Meet more people - professionally and personally - and maintaining the connection. 
  6. Be smarter with my money and invest more wisely. At the moment, close to half of my portfolio is in high-interest savings account, which means that after-tax, my money's growing at less than the rate of inflation.
  7. De-clutter - my wardrobe, my flat, my life!
  8. Travel. I moved up at the end of 2007, and since then, I've travelled less than 10 times (including business). While I don't think I have the time, energy or financial resources to recapture my final year days when I visited ten different countries in one year, I'd still like to get out of London more often than I have so far. I've got two trips planned so far, and a lot more to go! 
  9. Get more sleep. It's 2 am on a work night and I'm still up!
  10. Get more music in my life. It'd be nice to take up a class just for the heck of it and learn how to sing or play an instrument, though this isn't one of my priority goals.

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