Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll admit, every now and then, my geeky side pops out, and here's one of them. Here's a link to the Risk Magazine article written back in 2003 on the Goldman Sach's cross-currency swap deal with Greece (via NYMag), and the author's take on it six and a half years later.

The NYMag article dated February 18th contains some gems, opening with:
This week, Goldman Sachs won the dubious distinction of being the first thing that has united Europe in the past 50 years, or maybe ever.

The Daily Telegraph in London even ran an article claiming that Italians think their country is controlled by Goldman Sachs — an impressive allegation coming from a nation that created the Mafia, and whose top politician, Silvio Berlusconi, also owns most of the television stations. (There are a lot of people and things waiting in line in the "controlling Italy" queue ahead of Goldman Sachs, is what we're saying.)

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