Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So this guy - I will call him SM - called me up today. We had met at one of the many ticketed but free events I managed to get myself invited to a couple of weeks ago and had hit it off amidst all the free alcohol. The friend who was with me maintains SM and I got to talking when our eyes met across the table, which I suppose is technically true, as I had turned around to speak to my friend, and he was standing right behind her.

In any case, he and I got to talking, and it was one of those weird conversations when you discover that you've got a fair bit in common... and not just the usual "oh, you like to dance/travel/read/go to indie gigs too?" sense, but in the "hey, yes, I've seen your work" and "yes, I know people working in your field" senses.

So, he called me today as he'd offered to do me a favour, details of which will remain undisclosed for now, and he needed to confirm some details. I'd texted him some time two weeks ago asking him out for coffee, and when he explained the purpose of his call, I replied, "Awww, and there I was thinking you were calling about coffee."

Then I thought, "Geez, am I flirting?!"

Why, yes, yes, I was.

I guess I've got to keep in practice somehow!

And given his response to my comment - he went into a lot of detail on how he couldn't make it this week but would love to meet up with me early next week - I'm guessing he's flirting right back too!

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