Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's been an amazingly complimentary day today. Goes with the great weather, one supposes.

My new hairstylist told me he loves my hair. And that's before we even discussed what I wanted. I love my hair too. I think it's the only part of me that always looks good. I rarely have bad hair days, only bad face days.

And I'm somewhat digging my new hairstyle. It's still on the longish side (I love it long, irrespective of what a good friend thinks) and it's now - for the first time ever - big. Not Afro big, but there's definitely some evidence of volume. It'll probably fall flat in a few hours and be its usual flat self until the next haircut, but, still, today, it is big and it's looking cool.

Then, I was off to a lunch appointment where, upon my arrival, four ladies in the group - some acquaintances, some new to me - complimented me on my outfit. The best part was when one of them said that not only did she love my dress (a summery cream dress from Phillip Lim acquired from the fantastic Chic & Seek designer exchange), but she loved how the whole outfit was put together. Seeing as I'd gone for a neutral look throughout - shoes, dress and bag - and gone for a pop of colour via my accessories and make-up, and all in 20 minutes too, that's a big compliment. And women's praise is what matters the most when it comes to dressing, no?

After a delightful lunch, someone I'd been speaking with asked me what I did for a living, because she thought I communicated my opinions "incredibly well" and figured I probably worked in a creative field (being media or communications). I don't generally think of myself as a good communicator (certainly not orally, and I think I use the phrase "I guess" far too often when I speak), and while I'm aware I'm not the worst in the world, I guess (ha ha) this is one of those occasions where I tend to give myself far less credit than I ought to. Then again, sometimes I give myself way too much credit, and then get all paranoid and insecure when I end up performing worse than expected. It's so hard to achieve the right balance!

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