Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the course of reading up on Making Slough Happy, I rediscovered The Happiness Project London, an incredibly uplifting and inspirational but not-at-all hokey blog written by solicitor Sasha. She started the blog to promote happiness in London, which is a damn fine goal in my eyes given how much I love this city, and, given how well-received her blog has been, I'd say she's doing a pretty good job.

Currently, she is in the same country I will be leaving for in a few days. Now, small things can sometimes make me happy, and I found this coincidence, to quote my American friend, like, totally awesome! I really did.

And then I found out she loves the same coffee shop I do: Wild & Wood.

And she's got a great category on good places to go for dates in London, something I'm not that au fait with, given the only reasonably-priced date venue I can think of is The Book Club. Hopefully, I'll be referring to her blog for ideas soon enough!

In short, I think her blog's great, and I'm just spreading the blog love around.

Returning to the subject of coincidences, I got my hair cut yesterday, deciding to return to a hair salon which tends to do quite a good job with Oriental hair. I'd requested a specific stylist as her name came up a few times in the reviews I read. It turned out she was leaving for Argentina this weekend as well! If I'd decided to wait until after my vacation to get my hair cut, she wouldn't have been available, and given how nice, smooth, and, most importantly, neat my hair looks now, I'm glad I managed to catch her before she left. And it was really nice to be able to exchange tips with another female solo traveller too. How cool is that?

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