Saturday, November 27, 2010

This ran in the Independent a couple of days after I went on graffitimundo's great street art tour of Buenos Aires, when I spotted a wonderful piece by street artist Testa, but was not able to buy at the time because I was short on space in my backpack.

Upon my return, I found myself thinking about it for another week - it would have been the perfect piece to start personalising my new property - and asked if it could be shipped to me here. Sadly, I have just found out it has been sold and am now kicking myself. Oh well. If I get permission to reproduce it here, I'll post a photo.

But I digress.

If you're in Buenos Aires for more than a couple of days, and you'd like to be something other than a conventional tourist, I'd definitely recommend Jonny and Marina's graffitimundo tour. After all, Buenos Aires was ranked 9th best city in the world for street art by Travel & Leisure magazine.

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