Thursday, April 12, 2012


Wow, I can’t get over how many people have viewed my coffee shop Easter opening list. It’s registered over 300 views, and that’s quite a lot, even with repeat visits. Like, dude.

I mean, of course, I compiled it for people to use, and I’m happy it’d been publicised by some coffee stalwarts (*cough* one of the top baristas in the South East *cough*), and, been used by some coffee heavyweights (*cough* a former world barista champion *cough*). I’m also happy that some people have tweeted to thank me, but, honestly, just knowing that people were using it warmed my heart.

IMG_20120408_160614“Create freedom” - Tina, We Salute You

And then, there’s the photo I took while at Tina, We Salute You on Sunday. Now, Tina, We Salute You is a beautiful cafe, and, every now and then, an artist goes in and redecorates, painting over the walls, stenciling designs and so on. Last week, the guys behind the film How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire went in and decorated the cafe with birds. Lots of them.

I loved it. At the time, I didn’t realise who had been responsible for the decorations so I didn’t think of vodka or Ukraine when I saw them. Instead, I was filled with a sense of freedom, with a desire to kick off and take flight. And that’s what was going through my head when I took the photo, captioned it and posted it on Twitter.

Tina, We Salute You screenshot-001

Imagine my sense of astonishment when I found that Danny and Steve, the guys behind Tina, We Salute You, not just retweeted the photo, but began using it for their Twitter avatar *and* Twitter background.


On an unrelated note, I was Doing Something’s guest writer over the weekend, carefully selecting three choices from Little Miss Random Recommends (Easter edition) as suggestions for date ideas for quirky singletons in London.

Doing Something

It’s been quite a cool weekend for me, creatively speaking. And I am, quite frankly, just thrilled beyond compare.