Monday, May 21, 2012


Just under a decade ago, Caffe Nero was one of my favourite places in the whole world.

Caffe Nero - Old Brompton Road

It was where my then-boyfriend and I had gone to to celebrate our officially becoming a couple. I still remember how we sipped on a couple of mochas ended up gobbling our way through a box of chocolate-covered coffee beans, still one of my favourite treats all these years later.

Just over three years ago, I was on this exact road, meeting with someone who'd started up his own fund and could potentially be on the look-out for someone like me. I'd just finished up with my old job then, having completed the three month notice period that every mass redundancy exercise requires. I found a job elsewhere, a job which didn't quite challenge me enough, but led to my discovering a field I was very interested in. But, at that time, I was here, on this road, looking for a way out of the situation I’m in once again.

That was the job before last.

Today, I'm in this particularl Caffe Nero, drinking tea, having discovered the wonders of truly great coffee over that long decade, feeling as if a great change is about to come. Whether for better or worse, I cannot say.

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that, later today, I will be at one of the best coffee shops in London, having a coffee made by one of the best baristas in the city, celebrating the fact that even though the Rapture did not occur a year ago, and the world didn’t end, my world changed that day, and I will treasure that forever.

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