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Little Miss Random Recommends – Week Ending 22/07/2012

I’m struggling here. On the one hand, I’d rather not turn too British and start talking about the weather, although, mind you, I’m grateful for its existence, as, without it, I’d have nothing to make small talk about. On the other, I do wish it’d just stop raining. London’s a beautiful city. I’d hate for it to be shown to the rest of the world as it is now.

Still, that’s never gotten me down as there’s always something to do, as this handy list shows.

School Nights
  1. Are you a film buff? Do you get a thrill out of challenging and competing against others? Do you feel lucky? Then make my day and head on down to You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Film Quiz – Blockbuster Special. Free food for early birds. Hackney Attic, 6.00 pm (ticket release) / 7.30 pm (quiz start time), £3
  2. The final lecture in the Primrose Hill Lecture Series features Marina Warner, CBE, Professor in the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies at the University of Essex, speaking on – what else? – myth-making. Jul 18th, 7.30 pm, St. Mary the Virgin Church, £12.30 
  3. Get over the mid-week hump with The Doodle Club, a night of drinking, drawing and discombobulated dancing led by Mister Mumbles. Check out their fine selection of tipples while you’re there. Jul 18th, Drink, Shop  & Dance , 6.00 pm (doors), free
  4. Smoke: A London Peculiar launches the new BFI DVD, Wonderful London, a restored collection of 1920s travelogues showing us the different sides of the capital. Bob Stanley from Saint Etienne plays the soundtrack while BFI silent film curator Bryony Dixon and Smoke co-editor Jude Rogers introduce the film. Jul 18th, Rough Trade East, 6.45 pm, free
  5. Laugh yourself silly with Ha Ha’s & La La’s Stand Up and Songs, a mesh of music and comedy into one hilarious show. Jul 18th, Priceless London Wonderground, 9.00 pm, £17.25/£22.25
  6. Book yourself in for the improvisation masterclass that is School of Night. Originally an underground sect of artists, philosophers and scientists who may secretly have been behind Shakespeare’s works, it’s now been revived by improvisation geniuses Showstoppers who will take on any challenge as they seek to create a Shakespearean masterpiece. Jul 18th to 22nd, Soho Theatre, 8.00 pm, £10 
  7. Enjoy Treats on Laughter, a fabulous evening on laughter explained by world-renowned artists and scientists including evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar and laughter yoga therapist Harish Chavda, to name a few. Get to grips with a dazzling array of laughter and explore the unexpected ways it appears in art, the body and the mind. If this hasn’t already put a smile on your face, the price will. It’s free! Jul 19th, Wellcome Collection, 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm / 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, free (booking required)
  8. The British Museum is staging Shakespeare: Shaping the World, a major exhibition on the world of Shakespeare, in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The exhibition provides a unique insight into the emerging role of London as a world city, seen through Shakespeare’s plays. Jul 19th to Nov 25th, British Museum, £15.00
  1. Salt. Sweat. Sugar on the Dancefloor: “Two parts indie disco, one part pop bangers and whatever else in between”. Dance competitions, freebie giveaways and delicious cake-based treats. Jul 20th, Hackney Attic, 6.00 pm (doors and ticket giveaway), free 
  2. Paco Peña, Master of Flamenco, returns with an adaptation of arguably his greatest work, Misa Flamenco, for Africa Utopia in a collaboration with South African composer Neo Muyanga in Misa Flamenca AfricaJul 20th, Royal Festival Hall, 7.30 pm, £11.75 to £37.75
  3. Join Pablo Imani, founder of Afrikan Yoga, in a yoga class set to the rhythm of a beating African drum. Bring your own mat. Jul 21st, Southbank Centre – Level 1 Function Room, 11.00am, free but £1.75 required to reserve a place
  4. Feast your eyes on street art galore at the Whitecross Street Party: Rise of the Non-Conformists. Buildings will be adorned with an Olympic period exhibition of cunning artfulness and for two days the street will enjoy a feisty celebration of artisan made mischievous creativity and community love. Artists include Dscreet, Inkfetish, Conor Harington, Malarky and Teddy Baden. There'll be a food market, gardening, family activities on top of the live painting that'll be taking place. Jul 20th to 21st, Whitecross Street, 12 noon to 6.00 pm, free entry
  5. Head to the Electric Minds Loft Party for some Berlin-style partying. A loft party offers clubbers the opportunity to enjoy extended sets from great DJs in more intimate surroundings than you’d get in a club. I’ve had a fun time at the loft parties I’ve been to here, and, if I weren’t injured, would give this one a go for sure. Jul 21st, secret Shoreditch location, 10.00 pm (doors), £15.19 (early entry before midnight only) / £8 (entry after 3.00 am only)
  6. Dave Ahern aka @CorkGourmetGuy has teamed up with The Cornish Grill to use Cornwall’s best produce to do a Burger Breakout, a burger pop-up which is just that little bit different. Unusual offerings on the menu include The Dab Hand (Dab fillets) and The Bambi Bought It (venison). Jul 22nd, 6 St. Chad’s Place, free entry
  7. The Sohemian Society presents The Small World of Sammy Lee, a gritty crime drama in which entertainer Newley is sucked into London’s underworld as a result of gambling debts. This film, made in 1963, vividly captures Soho in its heyday. Special guest Paul Goodhead of the Anthony Newley Society will present. Jul 22nd, Portobello Pop-up on Acklam Road, 7.30 pm, tickets obtainable on the door for a suggested voluntary donation of £4
Next week's highlight
  1. To celebrate the rise of Leather Lane as a food and drink destination, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs (one of my favourite coffee shops in London), Bleeding Heart Bistro, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and The Craft Beer Co. are running a consecutive series of tastings in A Taste of Leather Lane. Check out the times for the free coffee, beer and whisky tastings! Jul 28th, Leather Lane, 11.30 am, free entry

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