Monday, November 04, 2013

Post-op Update #3

It's been five weeks - almost a whole month - since my surgery. Nothing major has happened to me since the fainting incident, other than my starting work again, but from the comfort of my sofa, not from home.

I saw my orthopaedic surgeon for my second follow-up last week, and he's very pleased with how I'm walking, and how the wounds have healed. He's also referred me to physiotherapy. I start on Wednesday. I'm excited!

The surgeon said his main priorities for the physiotherapist were:
  1. Get me off crutches
  2. Get me insoles
  3. Give me exercises for my hips and knees
As I'd been reading up a lot regarding patellar maltracking - a condition with several different underlying causes, all of which require different treatment - I asked the surgeon what was the primary cause of my knee pain. He said that the bone structure of my legs were such that they were genetically predisposed towards patellar maltracking, which is why there's a risk that I may have to undergo further surgery. It's possible that I may not have needed surgery if someone had caught this earlier, but I guess that's the danger of a pain that comes and goes... you just don't take it seriously enough until it stops going.

I'm really thankful my boyfriend has been here to help me every step of the way (no pun intended). I'm still not quite used  to walking with crutches whenever I have to go out, and I'm still a little afraid of public transport.

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