Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year, new start

So, here we are. The first full proper weekend of 2015 after the first full proper week of work and yoga. It's been such a busy week that it's hard to think that we've only just had Christmas and New Year. Still, I suppose that's a good sign, particularly in this economy.

I'm still on a bit of a high from having purchased my wedding dress and booked the wedding banquet venue, which must mean that I have made the right choices on both fronts.

I'm glad, because, in spite of the familial and societal pressures (perceived or real, I have no idea), I think I've managed to stay true to my personality and sense of style. The dress I chose isn't strapless like so many of my friends have been, and it is a little more covered up, but, every time I look at the dress, I just know it's me. Classic, elegant and stunning. As for the venue, it's perhaps not quite what my friends would have expected me to go for, but, given my love of vintage and classy, I do think it's very much me, despite the Chinese-ness of it all.

I still need to get other details sorted out, such as bridesmaids' colours and photographers and so on, but I think we still deserve a pat on the back for how much we have managed to achieve even though we're overseas. 

Speaking of photographers, I found one whose style I love. Unfortunately, he's also rather pricey, and that's before factoring in the fact we have to fly him in. His level of skill and eye for storytelling just seems so much better than any Singapore- and UK-based photographer I have come across so far, and I really do wish we could get him, and am trying to figure out just how we can accommodate him... Or whether I can find someone else more affordable but close enough to his level. Ah well!

On the work front, I think I'm doing well. My manager told me that I'm a valued member of the team and that he would be "devastated to lose" me, a phrase I'm told British people do not use lightly. I' really hoping this translates into monetary terms given this year's big-ticket expenses!

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