Monday, September 26, 2016


It's been over a year since I took a leap of faith and changed roles within my company. After such a long time of working in the same function, it has been strange, terrifying and exciting to now be in a position where I am no longer the expert. Particularly in a time in which my industry is undergoing a significant amount of change and we are all expecting a restructuring to take place in my office.

From working on my first project - a small project that has been mentioned in my company's newsletters more than once - to working on some of the largest projects in not just my region, but the entire company, it's been such an amazing opportunity, albeit immensely stressful and scary too.

I had my performance review recently and was glad to hear that I'm a valued member of my small team and doing well. Just today, my regional manager checked with my line manager to see if I was in the high potential programme (a programme aimed at developing senior-level executives). I am - I'd been nominated for it on the basis of my performance in my old role - but just the fact that he'd asked made me glad that he was considering putting me up for it despite my relative newness.

I still get really stressed out by committees, and I still berate myself for not saying enough during meetings and I still have to force myself to network, knowing how important each of these activities is to my progression.

Still, I'm really happy about this move. For the longest time, I thought this was my dream job, and, now, I know it is. The nature of the job may change all too soon, but, for now, I can say I took that chance and made a difference.

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