Saturday, October 26, 2002

For Oct 25 2002

It's been strange. This has quite possibly been the toughest work week of my life - staying back five days in a row just to finish up the day's work (or mostly finish) and organise everything so that the next day, I wouldn't be so confused as to what it is I should be doing. It's been hard, and quite difficult because I do not relish the commute home at all - takes me over an hour just to get home from work.

Also, I've been having these dreams the past two nights. The first dream I was with a group of people and I knew that the ex was nearby. I just kept looking for him and I heard his voice and remembered seeing him while walking around. I didn't find him although I knew he was near... The second dream, I was hiking with another group of people, and I had a whip-like weapon of some sort to kill snakes and other monsters. I was with an ex-classmate and we were at the second-last meeting point in this building on some island and I was more or less directing them as to the best route. All the other hiking groups were there too, including - yes, you've guessed it - the group the ex was in. I went up to that group, to the person I thought was my ex, and it turned out to be like, his ex-flat-mate. And I distinctly remember in the dream getting very confused and wondering if I remembered what the ex looked like. So I went up to this other group (named "Warwick") and was talking to some girl who I rarely spoke to in my high school and was asking about my brother, who was in her group. Turned out that he got bored and split to go somewhere else. So I continued looking for the elusive ex, and never did find him...

I rarely have recurring dreams or dreams along the same line, so of course this does get me a little confused!

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