Friday, October 11, 2002

I guess I should have known. By the time I got home from work last night, my body was screaming for human contact. When I went to bed three hours later, not having seen a soul and pretty much with only my PC and books for company, I was so tense that sleep didn't come easily. Suffice to say I had some pretty strange dreams, and woke up incredibly disoriented and couldn't quite figure out that today was indeed Friday and that I still had to go to work.

Towards the later part of today, things started looking up. My colleagues told me to "go home!" because I haven't taken my early day in weeks. The birthday present I bought on a whim for my colleague turned out to be much appreciated even though I don't know her that well, so at least I'm still managing to choose good birthday gifts :o) I'll be popping off to a club later tonight for drinks and maybe some partying with some friends - and hopefully I'll get in for free because of my staff privileges. And the other thing - I won tickets and a CD to tomorrow night's gig by Satoshi Tomiie! Coolness and as my friend says, you lucky dog!

Although I do have to confess, I'm actually feeling like I need to club to cheese tonight, like all the student nights in England. But clubbing to cheese with my present crowd probably would be a) scandalous and b) a let-down. Clubbing to cheese is best done with a guy best friend, and I haven't seen him since June because we were in different countries, and then I was too busy with week. Now he's back in his final year at university, and I'll be waiting another year for a decent cheese jaunt.

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