Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I love musicals. I'm currently listening to the Broadway recording of one of my faves - Rent. My favourite songs on this are "Out Tonight" and "Another Day". I remember watching this earlier this year with my brother in London, and wishing that I had the person who played Mimi's voice, and her spunkiness and spirit. I really wish I had some sort of innate sexiness. For all I know, I can't look sexy at all. It's not natural for me. All I can do is look cute or sweet, and that doesn't work at all for me.

It's kind of disappointing that not one guy has even tried to hit on me since I've returned home; but then, I've always had some kind of anti-guy repellent whenever I'm back home. I'm well aware that there are many other girls around that are smaller, and more lithe than I'll ever be, but... I don't look that bad, surely?

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