Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Words cannot express how relieved I am. I finally got my feedback regarding my week-long training and apparently, I did better than I thought! The trainer said that I was one of the top five performers in the entire group of 26, and gave me a 5/5 for "ability to grasp and apply material being taught" and I was one of the only ones to get that score in the entire group. I was given a 4/5 for my performance during training and class participation, which wasn't too bad, and I scored 90% for the surprise test - the second highest mark of all. I've been really really nervous about the whole thing as I thought I didn't too that well, appearing too tense, uptight and nervous during presentations, or just looking tired (since I have horrible bags and circles under the eyes). So all in all, I got an average score of 4+, one of only two people from my country's group to get it. WOO HOO!!!

Of course, that had to be balanced out by an exceedingly tough workload. I had a lot of complicated assignments today which required a lot of uregnt follow-up. I had hardly any time to look at the assignments I received today, or to follow up on assignments received the week before. My eyes were so tired I could barely focus on the screen, and I felt a headache on the verge of coming on for almost the whole day. And to top that off, I had to call my "favourite" colleague to argue my point in cases far too many times today.

I'll be going to Paul Oakenfold tomorrow. I'm really excited about it, as I'll be going with two of my colleagues and some of my brother's friends. There're 1300 tickets in total, 300 reserved to be sold tomorrow on the day itself, so hopefully, there'll be space inside to dance and more importantly, breathe.

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