Saturday, October 19, 2002

I went to a teambuilding session yesterday. It was more fun than I thought it would be and I was a little disappointed that it was a one-day affair rather than the normal overnight stay activity (shortened due to budget cuts). My arms are surprisingly aching after yesterday's physical activities which I didn't think were overly strenuous and yet, somehow, they really worked my biceps.

Did I learn a lot about myself? Well... yes, I suppose I did. Did I discover anything new and good about myself? I'm not sure. I re-learnt some things which I already knew - like how I tend to be always critical and never really seeing all the good points. It's like I can see all the bad points of something immediately but need some time before I can see the good points. Also, I learnt that I prefer to think through something completely before proposing it, and that that may not necessarily be a good thing. If I have someone around to talk to and bounce ideas off of, then perhaps it may be worthwhile speaking to someone about it.

Furthermore, I should not be so unwilling to speak up just because I don't like having attention on myself. I've changed over the last couple of weeks. I'm not that afraid anymore, and I've learnt that yes, I can handle presentations, yes I can hold my own with more boisterous, seemingly more accomplished people and more importantly, that I should believe in myself.

Apparently, my MBTI type hasn't changed over the last couple of years. Yet, at the same time, all the questions I was asking our instructor would point towards my being the opposite of what my type would indicate. I pick up on the unusual choices of words and can see where loopholes might lie - which would seem to indicate that I'm more interested in the details rather than the overview. However, my type says otherwise. To be completely honest, my mood was changing with the questions that were being asked and my preferences for one type over another was quite slight... except for the details and the overview category, now that I realise it. It was a clear preference for the overview. I'm probably confusing everyone out there because I don't want to reveal to all and sundry what my type is unless you know me, but as this isn't meant for your eyes and just for my contemplation, sorry!

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