Saturday, October 19, 2002

I've just finished watching close to two hours of television - one of the programmes which I just basically stoned out to was Fox's "Million Dollar Mysteries" - a programme on unsolved crimes and mysteries which offer rewards. I don't understand why on earth they would show it here though. For one thing the programme's about two years old, and hence the information would be two years out of date at least, and for another, none of the incidents took place even remotely close to where I am, not even on the same continent, so the offer of the rewards would be enticing but basically useless. Is my country so enamoured with American television shows that it doesn't matter what they show as long as it's American?

On another note, I watched my first episode of Survivor yesterday. It's the fifth season and I've never watched a single episode prior to yesterday. I have to admit that I can see why it's such a compelling watch. To see how people isolated from civilisation interact with one another and react under great pressure has always been fascinating, and to see how hypocritical these people can be - so like us in real life - is enjoyable and amusing. To go up to one person and pretend that we like them and don't mind their irritating foibles is so us. At the same time, living life with complete honesty would, in my opinion, be among the stupidest things you could ever do since that would practically guarantee that you would never have a single friend willing to speak to you after you reply frankly to "does this make me look fat?" or "what do you think of my new haircut?"

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