Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Exactly a year ago, I was in my university bar getting drunk for the first - and possibly only - time. My society members bought me drinks - an act which I've learnt is the surest way of getting people drunk since it's simply rude to not drink a drink that someone else has paid for. What got to me was the B-52 they bought me - or more accurately, a double B-52, thanks to a trick they were playing on me. I drank the whole thing pretty quickly... and promptly threw up. Not a pretty sight but at least I wasn't sick in public.

Part of why I was drinking that night was because people were buying me drinks. The other, stronger reason was because of something I had learnt earlier in the day which ultimately resulted in my needing a drink. I guess you could tell I was a little drunk that night simply by the fact that I was actually telling people freely which I hadn't been having an absolutely fantastic day.

I haven't felt the need to go back to drowning my sorrows a I did that day... yet. I guess it'll only be a matter of time.

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