Saturday, November 30, 2002

Yesterday and today have been wonderful!

Yesterday, a colleague bought me lunch - because he couldn't be around that night for the "surprise" birthday dinner that my other colleagues were organising. And right before dinner, a good friend from London called. While I did expect the dinner, I didn't expect a cake and a gift as well! Given that my colleagues and I are supposed to be rivals, I can truly and honestly say that I really do like each and every one of them, and will be very sad if any of us leave. They then brought me to a bar where they plied me with drinks. I drank a total of four drinks last night - the most I've drank since March this year.

Note to self: Never tell people to get you any drinks other than vodka and tequila.

As you may have guessed, two of those drinks were a shot of tequila and a lemon drop (a shot of vodka with a twist of lemon).

The night was concluded by going to a club and listening to a truly talented drummer and saxophonist and a not too bad DJ. The club was on top of a hill and had a really wonderful view of the city. I got home and slept at around 0315 h - and woke up at 0800 h because my brother called to wish me a happy birthday. Good thing too - since if he hadn't woken me, I might have overslept and missed work!

Yes, I had to work on my birthday. It's not something I was looking forward to, but the meeting was productive at least, and not too bad since it gave me the chance to see my fellow colleagues in a not-too-harried state. And they bought me a cake too. I swear that I've put on all the weight that I've lost since starting work in these two days along!

As if that wasn't enough food, my parents brought me to a restaurant tonight to partake of some truly delicious tapas.

And to top it off, I got flowers :) Thank you, sweetie. I did indeed have a good day.

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