Saturday, December 07, 2002

A room filled to the brim with hundreds of writhing and contorting bodies. The energy level never dropping below 'frenetic.' The master rousing me to a climax time and again until I can't help but scream out in pleasure. Increasing in intensity, he takes it to a higher and higher level until I think I can't bear it anymore. Then and only then, does he release his hold.

That is how I spent my evening - at a glorious DJ set by the master himself, Paul van Dyk. That was undoubtedly the best set that I've ever been to. High quality in terms of mixing and choice of music from beginning to end.

He was absolutely awesome. My energy level never dropped at all - considering I wasn't even in the mood to club and the fact that it was a three hour set, that's really saying something. Alternating higher frequency trance tunes with downright hard electronica, that was a fantastic set. One minute, you're swaying blissfully to pure trance, the next pounding the air furiously to deep dirty tunes; the deeper and dirtier the better. One moment light and teasing, the next forceful and sensual, bringing the crowd to one explosive climax after another.

I swear, if any man made love like the way PvD mixes music... hooooooo, boy.

Looking at the way the crowd responded to his every tune, I was reminded of the club scene in Blade where the vampires are all dancing with such intensity and then all of a sudden, blood starts to spray from the ceiling, except in this case, what we got was dry ice (a very welcome effect since it's so cooling). Then lo and behold, as if he's reading my mind, PvD pulls out New Order's Confusion. Magical.

He came on for two encores - practically unheard of over here. And for the last encore, he dropped his signature tune For an Angel I went absolutely ballistic. That one tune took more out of me than the entire three hour set. I danced with pure abandon, at once sexy, sensual, violent and full of energy. When the tune ended, I was completely and utterly exhausted, but still panting for more.

He was well worth the half-an-hour wait in the queue as well as the body crush in the beginning of the set.

Tonight, God really was a DJ. Truly magnificent.

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