Tuesday, January 21, 2003

One of the better ads that I've seen since I've returned home (and there are precious few) would be this ad where some local gangsters barge into this guy's home and ask, "Where is it?" The guy, in the middle of eating, looks up a little scared and says, "I don't know!" "Cut the crap; where is it?" says the gang leader. His face screwed up in concentration, the guy says, "I really don't know!!" The camera then pans around the room to reveal a place cluttered full of rubbish, with no floor space to be seen (which reminded me of my room in university, but thankfully, not my room now!). The screen then cuts to a sign that says "Looking for storage solutions? Come to Ikea."

But my favourite ad so far has got to be the Heineken ad for Christmas, where there're masses of people dancing in this building, with what looks to be a blizzard outside. The song that plays throughout the ad is "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow". We then pan up the building to see all the snow coming out of the top windows of the building, cutting inside to reveal a lot of people scrambling to shred all their documents and then frantically disposing of the resultant confetti out of the window. It then ends with "To all those who weren't naughty this year - happy holidays." Fantastic.

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