Saturday, January 25, 2003

Part of my weekend de-stressing ritual includes catching up on the movie scene. This weekend, I've watched Tadpole and Bend it Like Beckham - both great funny movies.

Tadpole was delightful thanks to the quirky and apt quotations from Voltaire, as well as the wittiness of the script - especially the French bits. I'm rapidly becoming a fan of indie films shot in New York. New York just looks so pretty no matter the season. Aaron Stanford was very good as the male lead, Oscar Grubman. Highly impressive given that it was his acting debut.

Bend it Like Beckham reminded me of how much I miss London. I was rooting for Jess all the way, seeing as she was just having such a hard time pursuing her professional and romantic dreams, battling against the wishes of her parents and the traditions of her culture. It also contained a very cute guy as the male lead - Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - with his sharp face and intense eyes, anyone would swoon. I guess this movie played a much bigger role in de-stressing since I had myself a good cry - for... I don't know, the sadness of Jess's situation, how incredibly pressured I feel and how lonely I am - and that just made me feel so much better.

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