Saturday, January 25, 2003

I hung out with an old friend yesterday night and this afternoon - after not having seen her for a couple of months, and prior to that, for three years. She's always been one of my favourite friends, with her sense of humour and fun, tempered with the ability to empathise with other people and her listening skills. We spent most of today catching up of sorts - comparing our experiences of middle school education and swapping gossip of mutual close friends. When we were in school together, she was actively involved with the Christian movement, and it was much to my surprise when we both admitted that we're kind of confused about our religious beliefs right now. At the same time, I did state that I find it so much easier to have something to believe in - even if I don't know if it's right - rather than not have anything at all to cling to. It's far easier to believe that there's Someone out there listening to and watching over me, rather than believe that there's no one Up There at all.

Another thing we covered was what made all of our high school friends so special. I said we all had the same weird sense of humour, and fortunately or unfortunately for me, I tend to look for that when making friends now. I look for someone who can get me without my having to explain why I tend to make sardonic comments about tragic events or that I use humour to escape from every possible awkward situation. I told her that in the three years of university, I hadn't come across any special people who I really connected with (don't get me wrong, I get along with everyone, but finding someone who becomes a damn good friend is difficult) until my third year, when I met the people in my dorm, who were all from different backgrounds, but ended up being among the most fantastic people I'd met during uni. Looking back on that conversation, it seems pretty sad that among all the people from the same country as I am, I couldn't find anyone at all who got me.

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