Sunday, May 18, 2003

Went clubbing last night. It was an... unexpectedly fun night. I went with the same friends who I went clubbing with on Wednesday - and they're non-trancers, so I didn't really expect them to have a fun time, but they did. The music was not bad at all and I had an incredible time dancing my heart out, especially when my friend challenged me to a London vs. Singapore showdown - I was representing London, of course. Did I lose? No. I rarely lose - but then there usually isn't ever a loser for such challenges! Some guy even loaned me his lightsticks much to my chagrin! I'm fine dancing but having to dance with lightsticks when everyone can see you, and despite the fact that I have very nice hand movements which are like, made for lightstick dancing, it was just kind of embarrassing! I obliged by dancing with the lightsticks for one song and then returned them. Hey, I'm a shy girl, okay?

There were a couple of bad things though. Drinks were a little weak - the White Russian tasted very dilute and not at all nice. The ventilation was horrible. It was so hot that had they decided to take my temperature after I had taken a drink and been in the room for five minutes, I probably would have failed straight away and asked to go see a doctor. It was immensely difficult dancing when it was so darn hot. I stopped every three or four songs just to wipe the sweat from my face. Even the glasses for the drinks weren't cold, so I couldn't even get that small comfort!

On a trance-related note, I just learnt that the vocals in Paul van Dyk's recent single, Nothing but You, actually do say something. Apparently, the lyrics are "Jeg har ingenting men jeg har alt nar jeg har deg" which is Norwegian for "I have nothing but I have everything when I have you." Call me cheesy, call me a emotional sucker, call me a sap, but I find that phrase just so sweet.

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