Sunday, June 22, 2003

How my Saturday was spent:

- Had a facial, unfortunately which after, I looked like I was having a bad face day. (I rarely have bad hair days, by the way. Hair's too limp to be frizzy.)

- Went to Borders and picked up White Oleander for 2 quid. Awesome read. Thanks to Judith Fitch, my opinion on poetry has been revised. I don't dislike poetry - just the work of certain people who I know! Heh.

- Came home to find a great surprise waiting for me in the mail. Merci beaucoup :)

- Had a good Okinawan dinner with a friend from university and ended up watching Hulk. Strange how I ended up the last week by watching a movie about a good father and ending off this week with a movie about terrible fathers. Anyway, verdict: Good effects and nice work on bringing the comic-book style to life on screen. Unfortunately, the story was a little predictable and took way too long to unfold. I'm disappointed with the local newspapers which gave this a four out of five 'cos I would have given it a three at the most. True, it's Lee Ang, but shame on you, people.

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