Monday, June 23, 2003

I'd forgotten that a friend currently in London called me on Saturday morning at 5 am London time, after having got back from the party of the year. He had spent the whole of the last year working on his project for his final year and had celebrated the last day of university by going out with all of his batch mates to a huge party and watching everyone else get p*** drunk and indulge in a lot of scandal. By regaling me with details of what had been going on, as well as with what had been happening with his life since we last spoke almost a year ago, and asking after me, it made me realise just how much I miss these friends of mine, the ones I've had since high school, since I was 13. I've made many more friends since then, but few of them compare to the people I met at that young age. We were all part of an educational programme designed to nurture our so-called superior capabilities. Though I have a lot of doubts as to their selection process - although I must admit that I do extremely well in most kinds of aptitude tests - I'm grateful to that programme for what it's given me: the opportunity to meet - and recognise - like-minded people, the somewhat British sense of humour I've developed, and a little self-esteem boost whenever I'm feeling down. After all, there must be something, even just a little bit, of potential that resides somewhere within me.

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