Sunday, July 27, 2003

Erk. Went to ZoukOut, the regional dance music festival extraganza, yesterday - primarily because Sasha was playing. Unfortunately, I also had the flu so I couldn't enjoy myself as much as I might have if I were well. Maybe it was my sickness, or the medication I had taken, but the alcoholic drinks just made me feel worse, which was bad because despite the quality of Sasha as a producer and remixer, his DJ sets aren't spectacular. He tends to play a rather eclectic set, going from progressive to breaks back to progressive, slowing the beats down until it's difficult for someone like me to dance. I can appreciate his skill in moving from one tune to another seamlessly despite the two being so dissimilar that you wouldn't ordinarily think that those tunes went together. I just can't seem to enjoy the beginning of his sets - or the first two hours of all of his sets which I've been to so far. The third hour, he started playing some really good tunes - melodious and high energy, but I had to leave as my ride was leaving and I started feeling sicker. I would have stayed if I were well because I really did like the direction his set was taking at the beginning of the third hour.

And I'm torn now - as to whether I should have stayed or whether it was better for me to have left! I mean, he played Xpander to close off his set - and I absolutely love Xpander. I would kill to hear it played live. And he played it this morning at just before 5 am! At one of the few places in my country which is close to the urban landscape, nature and water at the same time! On the other hand, the cab queue was terribly long so if I had stayed, I'd most likely would have had to wait over an hour to get home. And I do feel worse today - I'm coughing like I've been smoking heavily for my whole entire life.

But... he played Xpander! If I heard that, this whole week would have gone by with me floating on a cloud! That's how strong an effect music has on me. I mean, for last week's set, I was still on a high on Monday and Tuesday! Imagine what Sasha would have done for me if I could have stayed... Why, Sasha? Why can't you ever play a set in which I enjoy myself entirely???! Van Dyk can! Digweed can! Why can't you??? And why must you always play Xpander when I'm not around?? It just means that you won't play it the next time since it'll have been overplayed... *sigh* It'll have to be a really special occasion for you to play it again.

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