Saturday, August 23, 2003

Had a teambuilding event yesterday. It left me absolutely exhausted by dinner time (at a great seafood place located by a small marina) but nevertheless, I still went to the AEMF pre-tour held at the St. James's Powerhouse, organised by Centro. Why? Because we had free tickets and the line-up of Junkie XL, Slacker and Nubreed looked very attractive. I left long before they come on because I had a long day today (my company's Family Day) but the local warm-up DJ (Janson, from Frontal Labs) was pretty good, despite having very little people pay attention to him. The venue of the party, held at a former power station, was very cool. The acoustics were wonderful, and the sound system was awesome. Much better than the other clubs I've been to back here. My recreation club chairman, who is most likely 12 years older than I am and who was watching my colleague and I dance (described by another colleague as "real techo-raver style"), commented that the trip to the club was "nice... good fun... and educational." Heh.

Family Day was great. The theme for this year was Survivor. There were more people than last year, and it didn't look as if there was much that they could complain about. The queues for the food, unlike last year, were manageable. There were plenty of goodie bags and free gifts to be given out. The survivor-themed games looked to be fun, even though we had trouble drumming up support and participation. The music played by the DJ was not bad; he threw in a couple of my favourites, including Safri Duo and Run DMC, although he ran out of music and played a couple of tracks more than once.

The bad thing was... the weather was typical. It was terribly hot and despite my constant reapplication of sunblock SPF 30, I still got slightly burnt and my face is considerably darker. I don't like tanning. I never have. I'm not a stereotypical Chinese in that I want to be fair like the whites, but it's just that I tan so darn easily and I don't lose the tan even after months of not being in the sun. Grrr.

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