Saturday, August 23, 2003

I'm afraid that my colleagues saw the crazier side of me today. While helping out with the giving out of goodie bags at the registration desk (which consisted of sorting out how many adult and kid bags we had to give out, and therefore had me turning around and yelling: "Two adults, two kids!" quite a number of times), I added in other bits, such as:

- Would you like fries with that?

- Upsize your order! Only 50 cents!

- Batteries not included!

- Sand comes free. (As the party was being held at a beach, and sand was getting on the gifts.)

- Cancel that order! (When that person had already been served.)

They also saw me offering sample responses when someone asked how we should respond to unreasonable guests who might want gifts which were only available to people working for my company... largely consisting of "F*** off!" said in a rather exasperated British tone.

Ever since I started working in sales, I've been happier, crazier... but also swearing a lot more. I hope I get some more control over the last bit!

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