Sunday, August 03, 2003

I attended a friend's a cappella concert yesterday back at my high school, a place I hadn't visited in the last five years. And while I felt too old to be back there, it also felt oddly like home. And trust me, few places give me that feeling. To me, my high school, despite the fact that I didn't enjoy the two years I was there due to the immense pressure I felt regarding grades and studies, is a safe haven, a place where people won't reject or condemn you from being from that high school - something which I've come across all too often when meeting people outside of my school. For the record, the schools which I've attended are among the top institutions in my country, which is why other people constantly scorn us. And I'm not flaunting the fact that we're good. On the contrary, I tend to hide the fact that I come from these schools (and that even worse, I come from an accelerated learning programme) and that I studied what I studied in university when I introduce myself to other people. They're often either intimidated or they do their best to belittle you, as though by your admission of what and where you studied, you're automatically looking down on them. The truth is: I may do that, from time to time, but I'm not sure if it's a product of coming from the schools I do or having faced others' scorn my whole life. It most likely is the latter, quite frankly. So, yesterday felt wonderful. I was with people, people who I felt I belonged with. And that felt so damn good.

That's why I loved being with my ex, as well as with other people not from my country when I was at university. It never ever felt like they were judging me and everything that I've ever done.

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