Friday, August 01, 2003

I was asked to respond to the question of what girls want in a guy. I, definitely, cannot answer for all girls. I can only hope, in some small way, to express my own heartfelt desire for what I want in a guy. And the qualities which I would dearly love in Mr. Right would be... a great sense of humour, a smile which can brighten up any day, someone who has his own interests and give me the space to pursue my own without my having to be with him 24-7 but yet, at the same time, still has time for, someone who can dance and isn't afraid to make a fool of himself. Most importantly, he'd have to be someone who understands why I'm so pathetically insecure depiste my many obvious gifts, someone who can cope with my sarcasm and teasing, someone who understands that I'm not comfortable with myself and that sometimes, I need to laugh, tease and deflect the topic of discussion away from me. I'd like that same someone to be intelligent, passionate and spontaneous. With his spontaneity, I fervently hope he'd bring me out of my shell. With his passion, I hope you'll ignite my own dormant feelings. With everything that you are, I'd remember that my life doesn't revolve just around my career - but also around love and friendship.

Ugh. Mushy crap. Eew. Must stop.

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