Friday, August 01, 2003

I'm sure almost everyone I know knows that I love clubbing. It's kind of difficult for me to find girls who like to club, so when I do club, it's quite often just with guys. I don't mind that. What I do mind is that when I meet fellow clubbers - even those from the forum I frequent - they tend to assume that, hey she's just a girl. She's just here with her boyfriend. That basically, I'm treated like someone who's there purely as an accident of fate, who doesn't appreciate the music as much as they do, who doesn't even know the DJs. That the guys I'm with are the more happening people and that they're the ones who dragged me that. Or, as a fellow forum member put it, he met up with some guys from the forum, and proceeded to name them, and "a couple of gals whose names I didn't bother to remember."


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