Saturday, August 30, 2003

Went to Crasher at Centro last night. Very good night even though I didn't get high on anything much. I didn't feel like it, being very stressed about leaving tomorrow for the final phase of my training programme. I still haven't packed and I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for three weeks. In fact, I was half-determined to get drunk that night, and I guess it's good that I was with a friend who was taking care of me making sure I didn't drink much... plus the drinks were very watered down! So two wines, a bourbon coke... some more bourbon coke and a B-52 later, I still wasn't high.

Anyway, Agnelli & Nelson were good, dropping some pretty cool tunes at choice moments, such as Delerium's Silence, Andain's Beautiful Things, Motorcycle's As the Rush Comes In and many other eminently danceable tunes. I was trying to force myself to have fun but wasn't succeeding until I just downed a B-52, threw myself into the middle of the crowd in the midst of the strains of Silence and proceeded to dance like mad for two consecutive hours without a break. It's the longest I've danced since I've returned home, and considering that I was already exhausted due to my participating in a car rally earlier in the day which had me running all over the island, that's no mean feat. My legs are aching today, and I think I may have developed even more leg muscles after all that jumping. I was lightstick-ing too, which is not something any good raver actually admits to as there're two schools of thought on that. The Gatecrasher MC, Chris L, was mad, as in crazy-mad. I was taking a photo with a fellow clubber when he crashed in, grabbed me and we ended up having our photo taken. Heh.

At the end of the night - 3.35 am for an event slated to end at 3 am - we went out to find another clubber sleeping at the doorway to Centro. Despite being told that my friend and I could leave, we still stayed there until we knew my clubbing friend was being taken care of. Despite not being able to do anything, I didn't want to leave because I didn't want to leave him there, just lying in the grass sleeping. It's just not right, even if I don't know him that well. In the end, another clubber ended up taking him to his own home. Guess it's a good thing that I didn't manage to get drunk.

Yes, I was clubbing with the same friend I went clubbing with a couple of weeks ago, but this time, no sexy dancing ensued. It was just nice being with him though. Comfortable shoulders to lean on, and a nice guy to talk to overall. Personality-wise, we get on really well, but physical chemistry... it's a little awkward for me as he's my guy best friend's best friend... and I've already gone steady with said guy best friend's other best friend so I don't want to make our circle of friends any more incestuous than it already is. And yes, the power of my mind can overpower all these other feelings. It's just weird, you know? Like there's been a barrier placed between me and all these other guys 'cos they're my friends and I want them to remain friends, and not lose their friendships ever, so I won't do anything with them.

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