Sunday, October 05, 2003


Upon reflection - and personal experience - having someone who constantly tells you that you're beautiful and intelligent doesn't always cut it. It begins to sound like a refrain and you start to think that the other person's just saying it, and that those words are just that - words, with no substance, no backing.

And that, sweetie, I guess is what I meant by a challenge. Someone who you know thinks you look good normally, but doesn't always tell you. Someone who's worth dressing up for, just to hear "Damn! That's my girl!" the moment he sets his eyes on you. Obviously, the same goes for the intelligence bit.

Much as I hate to admit it, the guy I'm kind of seeing now... doesn't pose that challenge. And he is prone to making the rather frequent impractical and silly suggestion, something which my practical side is starting to find a little irritating.

They just don't make local guys the way they make decadent, dangerous Western ones.

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