Saturday, October 04, 2003

Ooh. Almost forgot my favourite anecdote.

When I get really tired, I become more susceptible to foreign accents, like the Irish and apparently, also the German accents. So when I was at F├╝ssen, viewing the castles that King Ludwig II built (Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein), and walked into the Room of the Swan in the latter castle, the first thing I thought of was "Oh look! A schwan!" Great, I thought. The next thing I know, I'll be wearing lederhosen and telling people, "Velcome to Bavaaaaria. Vould you like some beeeeear?"

And when the bus driver, upon realising the bus was almost full, asked all the people trying to alight to "SCHTOP!", it was all I could do to not laugh. Heh.

And to complete the total London experience - since something strange must occur before you can say that you've lived it: During the last three songs of Digweed's set, there was some guy who seemed to be trying to talk to me, as he kind of circled me while I was dancing to try getting a look at my face. Then he noticed the glowering guy behind me (my brother of course) and kind of sheepishly took off. Then he returned with a digital camera, pointed in my direction, upon which I turned away and continued dancing. Upon looking back after what I thought was an obvious signal that I did not wish to be photographed, he was right in front of me and had taken a photo. At first, I thought he had taken it of my brother, since I had turned away, but my brother says that he took one of me, and that he pumped his fist in the air and went back to his friend and did a little victory dance.

But what was stranger was what happened after, when we were eating at Crispy Duck in Leicester Square, after Bedrock, we were seated very near an obviously very drunk guy who seemed to be Russian (his accent) and had issues with Algeria. My brother and I couldn't quite sort out the connection between the two, but anyway, that guy seemed determined to pick an argument with anyone sitting next to his table (not us thankfully) regarding Algeria. My first time hearing a Russian accent, and I have to say that the ex does a very credible version.

Ah, London.

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