Sunday, November 23, 2003

Almost forgot. Yesterday, I saw Havana Night, a musical about the dances and music of Cuba. It wasn't a bad show at all. The dances were lively and spectacular (though I was a little annoyed that the rumba didn't look like any rumba's I've seen) and the music was nice and loud. There was salsa, merengue, mambo, samba, rumba, cha cha and flamenco, and it just made me more determined to learn at least one of them... I'd been wanting to learn the samba ever since I'd seen it danced to the Gipsy King's Soy, an irresistably upbeat tune that you cannot help but smile and dance to, and as some of my friends know, I want a rumba for my wedding dance (as well as a wedding lindy hop, but we'll cross that bridge once we come to it).

Latin music was just one of the many genres which I'd been listening to that day. I'd been listening to electronica (especially In a State!), swing and as it turns out, I would end my night by listening to a local band that does great rock covers.

A complete non sequitor here. I met a former prom king of my high school whose sister happened to be the prom queen in my year, and he told me, once we'd been introduced, that I looked like his sister. I never know how people mean these things (trust me, it's not a good thing to hear if you happen to think that guy's good looking and that you wouldn't mind dating him), but I'll take it as a compliment. Hee hee :)

Oh yes! I went bowling today! I was practising for my company's bowling competition on Wednesday, as my department decided to enter a team. Unfortunately for me, each team must have a female, and guess who the lucky one was? *Sigh* Anyway, my friend, this really nice guy who's become a good friend over the last three months, went bowling with me today and he gave me some tips. Stuff like, swing the ball higher, bowl straight, bend down lower and release the ball closer to the ground, don't spin the ball, etc. It's hard to conceptualise all these things when you're doing the actual bowling, but somehow, on some frames, I seemed to be getting the hang of it. My eventual scores for the three games we played? 58, 42 and 63. I'm happy. I broke 60 for the first time ever... although of course, I have only bowled four times before in my life!

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