Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Originally written on November 24 3.23 pm.

I feel incredibly happy today. Despite getting more work and finding out that the assignments I'm on are more complicated than originally thought, I am ecstatic.

The mood I am in is not due to the coffee I imbibed earlier, nor entirely attributable to the fact that tomorrow's a public holiday. I'm amazingly excited about my birthday this wekeend and while working at my desk and listening to Coldplay's amazing A Rush of Blood to the Head, a great big smile kept breaking out on my face. I'm almost amazed that the entire office didn't brighten up from the sheer radiance of my grin. Yes, I was that happy.

I'm really looking forward to treating my friends and myself to a fabulous night out this weekend. In fact, the celebrations have already begun! I splurged on a gorgeous set of lingerie - a bra, panty and slip set decorated with roses - made by After Eden. I may not have anyone to wear it for, but by gosh, it looked good on the window display.

The state of rapture that I am in is indescribable. It's comparable to the feeling of pure joy I felt when I returned to work after my Germany and London trip, or when Phil and I were together. It's an awesome feeling; and somehow, listening to the strains of Coldplay's Clocks just intensified that feeling. It certainly was the icing on a truly fine cake.

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