Saturday, November 08, 2003

I had to play netball on Saturday morning for our inter-floor games.

Before I tell you what happened, let me give you a summary as to my history with the game and how I ended up playing.

I have not played netball before, although I have played basketball occasionally while in high school (which by the way, was at least five years ago). In order to foster corporate bonding, my CEO decided that there should be inter-floor games so that we all could get to know the new divisions that've been merged with our side, as well as those working on the other floors. It was decided that there would be two games - netball (ladies only) and football (men only).

For netball, there are seven players from each side being on the court at all times (with unlimited substitutions for this friendly). Now, on my floor, there're like nine ladies, six of who don't want to play. So, unfortunately, we had to recruit players from other floors (after obtaining approval from our opponents). We ended up with a squad of ten with a blessing of an extra player turning up today, bringing us to a grand total of 11. Our opponents had 19 players with an average height of 1.7 m while ours was around 1.65 m.

Obviously, you can see that the odds were stacked against us.

The final score: we won 23 to eight.

I'm still not quite sure what happened. We never expected to be in a position where we would be leading, much less thrashing our opponents.

But what a great game! It's really inspired me to get my fitness back up to par, and maybe, just maybe, I'll start playing basketball again.

FYI, I played the Goal Attack position and managed to score one goal. Our captain, the goal shooter, scored like 18. Still, I helped. Our guys won the football game too, so we're overall champions!

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