Saturday, November 22, 2003

In A State, one of the singles off Unkle's second and latest album, Never Never Land, sounds nice enough in the original version. The piano intro, though uncommon for a dance track, is not bad at all. The female vocals imbue the song with a general feeling of melancholiness. It's a sad, beautiful tune.

What Sasha has done to it, however, is amazing. It's like a whole different tune. The piano intro has been slowed down and faded up (in the original, the piano fades down), synth overtones have been added, as well as a guitar riff (reminiscent of the guitar riffs in another fantastic tune, Andain's Beautiful Things) giving it a more atmospheric feel. On the whole, it's been made into an exceedingly dark and sexy tune.

It's Sasha's first remix in a long time (his last was in 1998!), and man, was it worth the wait. He may have disappointed me at the two sets he played in Singapore, but I have to admit, as a producer, he is one of the best and most talented ones out there.

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