Sunday, November 02, 2003

More movie viewing today.

Re-watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back or at least most of it just now. Whenever the original Star Wars episodes come on, I just have to watch them. I'm a Jedi wannabe. Episode V is my absolute favourite, and ever other Star Wars fan agrees that it's the best of the entire series. But my favourite part of the whole movie is the scene when Luke's ship finally sinks into the swamp, and Luke is told by Master Yoda to get it out. And this is where my favourite Star Wars line ever is uttered:

LUKE: All right, I'll give it a try.
YODA: No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

(Luke fails the first time, and discourages, he gives up.)

LUKE: (discouraged) You want the impossible.

(After that, Master Yoda raises Luke's ship out of the swamp.)

LUKE: I don't...I don't believe it.
YODA: That is why you fail.

I like the sentiment behind the lines. Even though the Force is clearly a mystical and mythical thing, I guess what George Lucas is trying to impart to us is that no matter how difficult a task seems, as long as we believe hard enough, we'll be able to achieve anything we set our minds to. Most importantly, we need to clear our minds of doubt; instead of trying to do something, we need to tell ourselves that no matter what, we're going to do it.

The other movie I watched today was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It was a painful movie to watch, to say the least, although the emotional parts of the movie did get to me somewhat. The movie was quite boring and dragged on until Benjamin (Matthew McConaughey) brough Andie (Kate Hudson) home to see his family... and even then, that wasn't enough to save the show. The things that Andie did in an attempt to drive Benjamin away were, I suppose, plausible, but even then, I just kept thinking that they were rather extreme. And the showdown at the party... completely unbelievable even if Andie was slightly or more than slightly drunk. The ten days dragged on for far too long. This show lost me within the first 30 minutes.

Only saving grace: Andie's dress for the party was gorgeous and the Isodora necklace was beautiful. I'm not one for precious stones and jewellery but that was one heck of a necklace.

Probably the only other interesting thing that happened today was the priest's homily during Mass today (today being All Souls' Day). His speech was quite funny, with little anecdotes such as the fact that Catholicism has Heaven, Purgatory (the place where souls go to when they're not bound for either Heaven or Hell and they spend time there atoning for their sins (with the aid of prayers made on their behalf by people still on the mortal coil) until they're allowed to go to Heaven) and Hell, whereas other branches of Christianity and other religions only have Heaven and Hell, so if we were to convert, we had better "watch out!" He qualified the former part of this statement by reassuring us that people did indeed make it to Heaven (since one of the sins that disqualified us from automatic entry would be stuff like not paying attention during Mass, something which I am definitely always guilty of), and not to assume that people either made it to Purgatory or Hell only. Give God some face, he said. Ha ha!

Almost forgot! Kind of managed to celebrate Halloween this year! I didn't dress up as I didn't have the time to hunt down a costume, although more importantly, no one else wanted to dress up. However, we did end up at a club where lots of people were dressed up. I saw someone dressed up as The Bride in Kill Bill, a character from Star Wars, vampires, monsters, etc. It was great fun dancing among these people to incredibly pumping techno. Not really my kind of music but not abhorrent either.

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