Saturday, November 01, 2003

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which, incidentally, has been banned in my country ever since its release) is so bad it's wonderful.

Tim Curry is fantastically camp as Dr. Frank-n-Furter and Richard O'Brien is... well, he's the man! Not only did he play Riff-Raff (with deliciously smouldering eyes, I might add), but he also wrote the script!

I want to meet them. Hell, I want to marry them and have their children! Nevermind that this show was released in 1975!

As for Peter Hinwood (the actor who played Rocky, the man Dr. Frank-n-Furter created to fulfil his every sexual whim)... good body, but pity about the face.

On a more serious note, the whole movie experience was great. We were watching the show outdoors, in a park with no shelter, and the weather was great. The audience participation (a completely new concept to me, and something which I wasn't sure to expect in this particular screening since I had prior knowledge of the movie's cult status) added a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. It was incredibly fun yelling "SLUT!" and "ASSHOLE!" at Janet and Brad respectively and joining in with the throwing of cards and all that. The organisers didn't encourage us to follow the whole audience participation script however, as I suspect they considered the script rather... vulgar and offensive for the local audience. And quite frankly, despite having spent three years of my life in London and therefore being almost immune to these things, I have to agree.

The music played during the interval between the two movies screening (Scary Movie was the other, but I didn't want to see it as once was more than enough) was pretty cool too, with Solarstone's Seven Cities and Underworld's Two Months Off among the tracks played. It was kind of strange as initially I thought we were in the wrong part of the park since the music was obviously so clubby. And the audience... the audience was splendid too, especially those who bothered to dress up as members of the RHPS! Although most, if not all, of them were Caucasian, still, it was still an interesting sight to behold big burly men dressed up in slinky PVC corsets and made up with heavy black eyeliner.

Scene - when Dr. Frank-n-Furter enters Janet's room disguised as Brad and is about to have sex with her when she discovers who he is.
Janet: Oh, I hope so, my darling. Oh...Ah...ahh OHHH! Oh it's you!
Frank: I'm afraid so, Janet, but isn't it nice...
Janet: Oh, you beast, you monster...Oh what have you done with Brad?
Frank: Oh, well... nothing. Why, do you think I should?

Hilarious. And the sexual innuendo in the entire show... fantastic. Especially since it was made in 1975!

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