Monday, December 29, 2003

For the first time in ages, I have started going into branded shops to check out their sales - and with the intent to buy something too, if it looked good. Yesterday, I popped into Guess? to check out their sale (as they always seem to be more affordable than most brands) and ended up buying a nice, evening-ish black sweater with a lace-up v-neckline and a hint of glitter on the sleeves and collars for just 40 bucks in local currency (equivalent to just under 14 pounds at the current exchange rate), down from its usual price of $170. And just like every other female, finding a beautiful bargain high-class top for such a great price was a peak experience for me.

I also fell in love with a current season item (GC Samba Mini Skirt) - a very not-good thing to have happened, given that my spending for the last few months since Manila has been a little out-of-control. I vowed to wait till the New Year to come before I made it my first fashion purchase of 2004, but after popping by the store again today and seeing that the mini-skirt was selling out and that the shop didn't allow clothes to be reserved, I whipped out my credit card and purchased it there and then. My friend told me that seeing as there was only one skirt left in both shops that was in my size, it was meant to be. I'm not arguing with you there, but at $150, the cost certainly did hurt.

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