Sunday, January 04, 2004

I have managed to see the same guy four days in a row (or five, if you want to be very meticulous, and count the fact that I saw him at like 11.58 pm yesterday night, and that crossed over into today, making it five). Given that I first met this guy last summer at a Turkish bar for like twenty minutes, and I spent most of that time talking to his not unattractive friend who was seated beside me, and after that, any subsequent contact was reduced to e-mail because this bloke went back to the US, and that the next time I saw him was on NYE, you can see that the amount of contact that I have had with him this week has been of a rather unusual and high amount this week. I don't even see my own old friends that often, and I have somehow seen this guy every night since last Wednesday. Granted, he stays really close to me, and that is often a compelling factor for going out with someone - knowing that there'll be someone to see you home at the end of the night, but still, up until last summer, I didn't know anyone staying near me, and now, all of a sudden, I know quite a few.

I'm just finding it a little strange. After the incident with my friend, the last person I rejected, I've been kind of wary about spending too much time with people who aren't my colleagues, or already my friends from high school or university. Far too much proximity and time spent together does weird things to otherwise rational people, as can be seen in reality television shows such as Survivor. Although at this point, I feel compelled to point out that this particular factor did nothing but good for my relationship with my last boyfriend. However, it's a bit creepy realising that most of the guys with whom I've spent many a day seeing have ended up either becoming or almost becoming someone I had an at-least-slightly-more-than-platonic relationship with. Maybe not creepy, seeing as this would be a natural progression, a step forward, but still.


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