Thursday, January 08, 2004

Listening to the Chilled album I obtained in 2002, I realised that it's the first time that I've listened to the entire CD - and it's wonderful. Given that it came free with a copy of The Evening Standard, it's more than a veritable bargain. It's an absolute treasure. And it's perfect for me right now. After having had a harrowing beginning to my day involving a not-quite-dead large cockroach and taking the wrong bus and still a little overwrought from an attack of angst and insecurity late last night, it was great for soothing my frazzled nerves.

There're quite a few gems on this CD, which again, I have to say is rare considering that it's free, but then again, The Evening Standard doesn't usually give away duds - I've got Root Manuva - Witness and Lo-Fidelity All-Stars - Lo-Fi In Ibiza on another CD given away in 2001. The tracks that particularly stood out for me at this point in time, feeling the way I do now, were A Man Called Adam - The Longest Day, Smoke City - Underwater Love (a great chill tune with sexy female vocals in a myriad of languages) and Icelandic songstress Emiliana Torrini, sounding amazingly yearning and sweet on a beautifully simple track, Summerbreeze.

And on a related chill-out note, Air's Moon Safari is a really good chill-out music album as well. Ce Matin-La is a particularly soothing track, simple and reminiscent of sixties feel-good music, if there's such a thing. It's the effect of the trumpets and soft vocals that make it seem so relaxing. It's got to be listened to before you get what I mean. Sexy Boy is another favourite of mine, with the almost-harsh synths and gentle sighing conjuring up the effect seeing someone really striking and attractive has on a person.

If you're thinking that the kind of music I'm listening to happens to be rather unusual for someone like myself, then you're really observant. I'm currently avoiding trance and house because I am sick to death of both kinds. I'm not sure what happened, given that I just grew so tired of these two kinds of music the day after Sister Bliss's set. I'm taking a really long break from it so that I can do my best to recover in time for Paul van Dyk's set at the Asian Electronic Music Festival that takes place on January 22nd, but right now, I can't stand even thinking about listening to my beloved Xpander much less PvD's own For An Angel!

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