Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Sigh. Working late is decidedly not at all my cup of tea. Working late under loads of pressure - even more so not my thing. But I've got a report due tomorrow. And I'm incredibly stressed out about it. It's not going to be among my best pieces of work, or even among my good. I just hope it turns out okay and that there are no major errors. I'm in no shape right now to even spot minor ones.

Working late in itself isn't so bad if it doesn't occur that often and/or you've got friends to talk to, either working beside you, or those who can make you laugh once you get home from work.

Unfortunately for me, while I do have the former, the latter has left. And I find myself checking my e-mail ever so often, just hoping against hope for a little e-mail from him, while spending the remainder of the time trying to rationalise away my feelings. "He was only here for two weeks after all. How can I possibly feel this way?" I tell myself. "I just miss having someone around to laugh with, that's it. It's not him I miss specifically. Just the presence of someone."


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